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Nicholas Hall’s North American OTC Conference 2018

Nicholas Hall Group of Companies

The Westin Governor Morris, Morristown, New Jersey United States

June 20, 2018 - June 21, 2018 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Future of Consumer Self-Care & OTC Solutions

With Rx-to-OTC Switch having been the main source of innovation in North America over recent years, this two-day event will focus on what the future holds for Consumer Self-Care & OTC.

(This conference is being co-hosted by Everything Health.  Everything Health delivers innovative strategy and integrated services to activate business transformations in the vibrant U.S. Consumer Healthcare market.)

DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

DIA (the Drug Information Association)

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA United States

June 24, 2018 - June 28, 2018 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

DIA is anticipating more than 6,000 attendees for the DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities.

Featured tracks include:

  • Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Trials and Clinical Operations
  • Data and Data Standards
  • Medical Affairs and Scientific Communication
  • Patient Engagement
  • Preclinical Development and Early-Phase Clinical Research
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning
  • R&D Quality and Compliance
  • Regulatory
  • Regulatory CMC and Product Quality
  • Statistics
  • Value and Access

MedInnovation Boston 2018

Medical Development Group (MDG) and Medical Design Briefs

The Westin Waltham Boston, Waltham, MA United States

June 25, 2018 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Commercializing Emerging Technologies for Unmet Medical Needs

MedInnovation Boston is a one-day conference and networking event focused on commercializing emerging technologies to meet critical unmet medical needs.  This event will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the successful commercialization of new medical devices – including approval and funding strategies – and explore technologies that will dramatically improve healthcare.

Key Emerging Technologies will be discussed:

  • Wearables/Sensors
  • Cybersecurity/Supply Chain risks
  • IoMT:  Evolving Landscape
  • 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
  • The Genomics Revolution/Personalized Diagnostics
  • Rise of Competing, Unregulated Consumer Products

Rapid Detection for Food Safety

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

Hyatt Regency Bethesda, Baltimore, MD United States

June 27, 2018 - June 28, 2018 8:30 am - 12:15 pm

Advances in Genomics, Capture Technologies & High Throughput Detection

In the US alone, there are an estimated 47.8 million illnesses, over 127,000 hospitalizations and 3,000-plus deaths attributed to foodborne illness each year. Traditional means for microbial detection can no longer match the pace of today’s food processing and global distribution networks. Emerging rapid sensor and detection platforms can provide the timely and actionable information needed to lessen the human and economic burdens levied by foodborne disease.

This conference will feature presentations on emerging optical, nanotechnological, spectroscopic and electrochemical technologies for pathogen detection, including label-free and high-throughput methods. Novel ligands for pathogen capture will be examined, along with benefits and challenges of these new methods and a comparison to existing techniques. Label-free approaches and the advantages of novel bioaffinity ligands will also be highlighted.

3rd Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Conference

Curtis & Coulter LLC

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA United States

July 11, 2018 - July 12, 2018 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

The popularity of peptide therapeutics has increased significantly in recent years. It is estimated that by 2018, the global Peptide therapeutics market is expected to pass $25 billion. This dramatic market increase is driven by both growing incidences of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and technological enhancements in peptide synthesis that include high-throughput approaches. Conjugation technologies are also contributing to the growth of peptide therapeutics, and leading to innovative approaches to designing safe and effective therapies.

The 3rd Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Conference will bring together key decision makers and innovators within this rapidly growing field. This 2-Day program will examine various peptide discovery and synthesis techniques and synthesized and modified peptides. The event will cover peptide engineering, including peptidomimetics and peptide conjugation, as well as cell-penetrating peptides for molecular imaging. Additionally, the event will examine novel strategies for improving peptide properties, including stability and half-life will also be discussed along with novel routes of administration.  Case studies will be presented that illustrate the progress made in developing efficacious peptide therapeutics, while leaders in the field point the way to the future for these promising drugs.

Who Should Attend?

Pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO, diagnostic and academic professionals specializing in:

  • Biologics Drug Discovery
  • Drug Delivery
  • Molecular Biology
  • Peptide Development
  • Peptide Optimization
  • Biologics Research
  • Protein Chemistry
  • Therapeutics Peptide Chemistry
  • Discovery Technology


3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit

Curtis & Coulter

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA United States

July 11, 2018 - July 12, 2018 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Most drugs on today’s market display poor solubility, but the use of modern solubilization technologies can improve a drug product’s bioavailability and performance. Even the most promising API, monoclonal antibody or therapeutic peptide can only be turned into an effective and marketable drug if formulated in such a way that it is bioavailable. However, finding the ideal solution that gives a particular drug the desired profile is still a major headache for pharmaceutical firms. Additionally, biopharmaceutical firms hoping to develop oral delivery alternatives for biologics will also need to work out how to maximize the bioavailability, safety and effectiveness of their products. Small-and large-molecule therapeutics urgently need to overcome drug formulation and delivery challenges in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic performance.


The 3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit will provide a holistic overview to bioavailability enhancements. The summit will cover everything from large molecules to small molecules; oral drugs and parenterals (including nasal, pulmonary, transdermal, microneedles, ocular and more); as well as bridging the gap from early to late stage discovery and development. Throughout the program the summit will discuss real-world stories and case-studies and cover the sessions and topics with best practices and lessons learned in interesting and interactive sessions, panels and roundtables instead of the standard, “mundane” traditional-style presentations.


IFT18: A Matter of Science + Food

Institute of Food Technologists

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL United States

July 15, 2018 - July 18, 2018 7:00 am - 12:15 pm

IFT’s Annual Event and Food Expo is one of the largest events of its kind bringing together science of food professionals from around the globe representing all segments of the science of food profession—research and design, ingredients, safety and quality, technology, equipment, processing, packaging, manufacturing, suppliers and buyers, policy makers, and academics—all converging with the intention to inspire and transform collective knowledge into innovative solutions to help advance our planet’s food safety, nutrition, and sustainability.

At IFT18, you will question and discover, break boundaries and redefine, be challenged and inspired, and network and connect.

CHPA’s 2018 Marketing Conference

Consumer Healthcare Products Association

Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA United States

July 16, 2018 - July 17, 2018 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This event is designed specifically for marketing professionals in the consumer healthcare industry and those who provide services to them. This conference will offer significant education and networking opportunities in a convenient format, requiring only one night away from home. Attendees will examine issues pertinent to their everyday responsibilities and will be challenged to think outside of their comfort zone and explore new ideas.



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