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Non-Invasive Delivery of Macromolecules Conference 2016

Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute

Date/Time: February 18, 2016 - February 21, 2016,

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Scientific progress over the last three decades has resulted in a multitude of macromolecular biologic therapeutics. Effective and efficient delivery of these biopharmaceuticals has been limited to traditional injections. Administration of these biopharmaceuticals using a variety of novel minimally invasive approaches would offer not only the potential for increased patient compliance but also improved safety/efficacy in certain instances. Many common issues must be addressed to successfully develop various strategies being explored for oral, transdermal, nasal, pulmonary, and ocular delivery.

A new meeting has now been organized to bring together experts from these various fields of drug delivery. The goal of this meeting is to provide an open and creative forum for academic and industrial scientists to discuss the spectrum of activities (from concept to clinical testing) required for successful development of clinical products.