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Insight into Next-Generation Immuno-Oncology Developments

June 9, 2016

With global sales forecasted to exceed $170 billion by 2021, oncology is by far the fastest growing therapeutic area.  The current focus is on immuno-oncology (I-O) and especially the immune checkpoint inhibitors such as BMS’ Opdivo® and Merck’s Keytruda®.

TCI is aware of significant limitations of checkpoint inhibitors that the pharmaceutical industry appears to have overlooked.  Based on our research, TCI recommends a comprehensive investigation of next generation I-O pathways such as epigenetic priming, cancer neoepitopes, and novel cancer vaccines.  TCI provides global insight on highly-analyzed and actionable information on key developers and their technologies that are available for license.  Please contact Shala Doerr, Director of Business Development, sdoerr@technology-catalysts.com to discuss any information needs on I-O technologies, developments, and business intelligence.