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Drug Delivery

Over the last several decades, drug delivery has become one of the most important features of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug delivery systems have become vital to the marketing efforts of big pharmaceutical, generic, and specialty pharmaceutical companies. These technologies can provide precise, predictable drug-release rates, cellular targeting, improved stability, or more efficient uptake into the body. These critical features result in greater efficacy, reduced toxicity, lower costs, and most importantly, enhanced patient compliance. Evaluating the research in this expanding interdisciplinary field, and understanding commercial developments are essential to maintaining a competitive advantage.

For over 35 years, Technology Catalysts has provided pivotal consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry regarding the impact of technology, including drug delivery. Throughout these years TCI has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the various facets of drug delivery, including:

  • Implant and parenteral drug delivery
  • Transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery
  • Oral drug delivery systems and materials
  • Novel delivery systems for proteins and peptides
  • Novel delivery of poorly soluble and/or permeable drugs
  • Nanotechnology, including cellular targeting systems
  • Novel pulmonary and nasal delivery systems

TCI has worked with various companies from small start-ups to major multi-nationals assisting in advancing drug delivery strategy. TCI is a constant advisor to many of the world’s largest and most important pharmaceutical and drug delivery companies.