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Consumer Care

Today’s consumer is more demanding than in the past, requiring the highest quality products at reasonable cost. Manufacturers of consumer products must target innovation for product line growth and differentiation. Open innovation is an intrinsic part of many innovative consumer companies. They are seeking new ways to define and fulfill unmet market needs.

Often, these companies require assistance in determining the best way to meet their corporate goal of providing innovative products to the consumer market.  Whether it is the use of mind mapping to find new approaches to problems or to fill white space, or identifying novel products, technologies, and research partners necessary for achieving corporate goals, the Consumer Care group at TCI offers a full range of business and technology consulting services to fit these needs for the following markets:

  • OTC Healthcare
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care and Cleaning

Examples of how TCI can engage clients include:

  • Performing technology landscaping to highlight trends, new innovations, and assess market situations
  • Identifying potential partnerships or technologies for brand line extensions through licensing or R&D, supply, or packaging collaborations
  • Interviewing key experts/KOLs
  • Finding opportunities and ideas from non-consumer markets that can be incorporated into the consumer market