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Since its founding in 1979, Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has conducted specialized consulting for pharmaceutical companies. Our clients vary in size and specialty; from big pharma to generics to drug delivery to biologics. We have seen the industry change its focus from small molecules to biologics, from the relatively simple development of controlled release oral solid dosage forms to developing complex devices that monitor biological stimuli and deliver actives in response.

TCI regularly monitors ongoing developments in the pharmaceutical and drug delivery industries to provide the most up-to-date information to our clients.  TCI realizes that pharmaceutical companies of all tiers are pressured to continually innovate, increase growth, and accelerate time to market, while also maintaining quality and increasing efficiency. With over three decades of consulting experience, TCI has assisted numerous pharmaceutical companies by providing custom consulting to suit their individual needs.

Technology Catalysts can assist pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in a variety of ways including:

Pharmaceutical suppliers:

  • How do pharmaceutical companies determine when to use CDMOs for their formulation needs?
  • What are the criteria for choosing an CDMO for developing a formulation?
  • How can I get a pharmaceutical company to use my excipient?
  • What is the market for specialized excipients?
  • What marketed products use solubilizing technologies

Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Which companies have specialized expertise in developing lozenges, nanoemulsions, topical formulations, or spray drying?
  • How to increase patient compliance and adherence?
  • What clinical development is used for the 505(b)2 regulatory pathway?
  • What strategies and criteria are being used for vetting CDMOs?
  • When can we expect generics to enter the market?
  • What can we learn from other industries that can improve my product?