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Biomedical Devices

Biomedical devices are one of the most prominent examples of technology advancement in the 22nd century. These advances have significantly impacted the health care industry.  The industry is anticipating strong growth from biomedical devices.  With the advent of the smart phone and other wearable technologies, the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly utilizing digital health to improve a patient’s experience.

Technology Catalysts International has provided consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry regarding the impact of technologies, including drug delivery, for over 35 years and we continue that work in our biomedical device consulting. TCI can help by providing companies with the information they need to know:

  • What is holding back the development of companion diagnostics?
  • How can smart devices improve a patient’s experience?
  • How does digital health work?
  • Which patients are using the technology?
  • What has the consumer industry learned that can help the healthcare industry adapt to digital innovations?