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Probiotics: Digestion & Beyond Alternative Markets

Publication Date: January 2011

Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has developed a report that analyzes the current technology and market potential for probiotics. This report features regulatory issues, recent trends, large company profiles, a market analysis, and a summary of recent deals associated with probiotics.

This report provides insight and an overview of the current development of probiotic formulations, technologies, and carrier methods used. The report focuses on new applications which have the potential to greatly increase the market for probiotics. TCI covers the market for specific probiotic indications in various formulations and strains in different regions across the globe. There are more than 25 detailed descriptions of companies with active developments in various approaches to probiotic products, both early and late stage.

Key information presented in the report includes:

  • Overview and background on probiotic strains, history, and use
  • Synopsis on the emerging prebiotic market
  • Novel applications categorized by indication
    • Oral health
    • Women’s health
    • Allergy
  • Challenges the industry faces due to regulatory issues
  • Large probiotic companies’ recent developments and indication direction
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