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Technology Catalysts has been interviewed and/or featured in a number of published articles over the years. To view these articles and other TCI press releases, please select a document from the list below:

Orally Disintegrating Tablets and Thin Films Poised to See Strong Growth

April 01, 2013

Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) are coming into their own as mainstream pharmaceutical products. Oral thin films (OTFs) have also come into strong prominence with the launch of Suboxone® (buprenorphine and naloxone) thin films demonstrating a huge potential for thin films in prescription products.

Developments for patient-friendly delivery systems for the $150 billion biologics market

March 01, 2013

Emerging opportunities in drug device combinations to address the critical needs of the rapidly growing biologics market for patient friendly administration.

Cancer Vaccines Poised to Reach $3 Billion in Sales by 2015

April 01, 2011

Alternative Probiotic Applications Offer $2Billion+ Market Potential

March 01, 2011

Emerging opportunities in probiotics to address oral, women's, and additional digestive healthcare to greatly increase the market for probiotic strains.

Parenteral Depots Offer $8 Billion of Reformulation Opportunities and a Strong Competitive Edge in Crowded Pharmaceutical Space

February 01, 2011

Biopharmaceuticals – Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Drug-delivery Industry

Touch Briefings

October 01, 2009

Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

Japan Society of Drug Delivery Systems

January 01, 2009

Are we really greedy?

Journal of Generic Medicines

January 01, 2007