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NEWTRITION X – Personalized Nutrition Summit

foodRegio e. V.

Date/Time: September 12, 2018, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Our world of nutrition is facing the biggest change ever. It has been shown that general diet recommendations that were assumed to be applicable for all people have become obsolete. Each individual reacts differently to food; therefore each individual should be able to eat individually adapted food. This is because the best way is optimal nutrition for every human being — thus ‘Personalized Nutrition’, which is perfectly aligned to each individual organism. Supported by innovative technologies and self-learning algorithms, Personalized Nutrition is no longer a vision but rather a market.

Personalized Nutrition will subsequently revolutionize not only the entire food industry but also turn you into an important partner in the health science landscape. What opportunities will this open up for you? At the Innovation Summit NEWTRITION X. you can get first-hand information from a group of leading scientists, innovative technology suppliers and raw material producers as well as from decision-makers from industry and trade.