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Advances in Biocatalytic Technologies – 2nd Edition

Publication Date: December 2002

Biocatalysts have long been used in pharmaceuticals, detergents, and food products. However, recent advances in genetic engineering, improved stabilization and immobilization techniques, as well as a better understanding of structure-function relationships, is attracting the attention of chemists and engineers for applications outside these traditional businesses. Biocatalysts, including isolated enzymes, microorganisms, plants, and catalytic antibodies, offer the following benefits:


  • Environment-friendly materials and reaction environment
  • Stereoselectivity and regioselectivity
  • New reactions beyond traditional chemical synthesis

Development of new biocatalysts and improvements in process design and engineering are fueling heightened interest in biocatalysis to solve critical industrial problems and to create alternate synthetic routes.

As these technological advances evolve, emerging markets for biocatalysts, e.g., fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and industrial chemicals, will provide significant growth.

Technology Catalysts International’s research and business strategy staff have completed an extensive analysis of next-generation biocatalytic processes and technologies in order to identify potential business opportunities in biocatalysis. Unpublished information has been gathered via personal interviews on the research and development activities at universities, large and small companies, and product development firms in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Advances in Biocatalytic Technologies outlines state-of-the-art biocatalytic technologies, identifies next-generation products and process technologies, and examines niche opportunities from a technological viewpoint. The report provides critical information and analysis of biocatalytic technologies including:

  • Innovations in enzyme technologies such as enzyme engineering, stabilization, and immobilization techniques
  • Applications of enzymes in industrial chemical production
  • Biocatalytic production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and fine chemical intermediates
  • Non-enzymatic biocatalysts, for example catalytic antibodies and peptides

In addition to the analysis of technological innovations in each of these areas, the report provides detailed information on research and development activities of about 100 large and small companies, universities, and research centers worldwide. This report identifies:

  • New product or market opportunities
  • Partners for joint ventures or co-development opportunities
  • Suppliers of new ingredients or products
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