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Cosmeceutical Trends & Technologies – 3rd Edition

Publication Date: April 2002

Cosmeceutical products are those poised on the gap between cosmetic products that simply cleanse and beautify, and pharmaceuticals that cure and heal. Generally, cosmeceuticals are products sold over-the-counter that provide a health benefit in addition to traditional cosmetic qualities. Healthy growth in the cosmeceuticals market worldwide is primarily attributed to the aging baby boomer generation in the United States and an increase in disposable income in Asia and South America.

Technological innovations will continue to drive growth in the market. The cosmeceuticals market, including skin care, hair care, and sun care products, is highly diversified, with products coming both from major manufacturers and small, local companies around the world. Cosmeceutical products can be purchased from mass-market and direct marketing retailers as well as from prestige retailers, including increasingly popular “spas,” and from plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The cosmeceutical consumer is becoming more sophisticated, demanding exceptional qualities from these products, and technological innovations will have to keep up with this demand.

Cosmeceutical Trends and Technologies outlines “state-of-the-art” cosmeceutical technologies and examines niche opportunities from a technological viewpoint. The report includes an assessment of various aspects of the cosmeceuticals industry including: market figures and drivers; regulatory issues; key developments in ingredients, formulations, and delivery systems; and business opportunities gathered via personal interviews with inventors, companies, and organizations around the world.

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