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Parenteral Depot Technologies

Publication Date: September 2010

Following the trends of the injectable drug delivery market segment, Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has developed a report on long acting parenteral depot systems. Parenteral Depot Technologies presents global insight into the types of injectable depot technologies being developed to further enhance treatment options and meet the needs of a diverse patient population. TCI covers the market for these technologies and associated launched products based on product sales and trends in the parenteral and biopharmaceutical industries.

TCI’s report segments the various drug delivery formulation, device, and manufacturing companies immersed in the development of biocompatible/biodegradable depot delivery by specific polymer approaches for a wide variety of actives. Parenteral Depot Technologies shows the opportunities available for reformulation of existing drugs, approaches for the creation of new chemical entities, and the competitive environment of the depot drug delivery segment.

Key information presented in the report includes:

  • Market analysis of depot technologies
  • Sales of leading depot products in 2009
  • Worldwide market growth from 2005-2009
  • Market share by therapeutic category
  • Depot product pipelines
  • Profiles of over 30 companies with parenteral depot technologies in development
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