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RNAi and Antisense Therapeutics

Publication Date: November 2008

Technology Catalysts International has developed a report that analyzes current technology and market potential for the delivery of both RNA interference (RNAi) and antisense therapeutics. The RNAi & Antisense Therapeutics report provides a background on the biology of RNAi, an extensive review of the pipelines for siRNA and antisense technologies, information on delivery methods, and custom manufacturing for RNAi and antisense therapeutic molecules. The report covers the markets for RNAi and antisense drugs based on active pipeline products, size of the markets for different indications, and licensing and business development opportunities.

RNAi & Antisense Therapeutics focuses on small and medium size biopharmaceutical companies with proven RNAi technologies, strong pipelines in RNAi therapeutics, and interest in establishing collaborations. TCI has conducted comprehensive interviews with over thirty companies and described in detail the strategic alliance and out-licensing opportunities such as specific molecules, technology platforms, and value proposition in both early and late stage developments.
Key information and analysis presented in the report includes:

  • Analysis of over 170 RNAi and antisense pipeline products in development
  • Future markets for RNAi and antisense therapeutics in terms of the size of the markets by indication
  • Acquisitions, mergers, deals, and collaborations of companies in the RNAi and antisense therapeutic field
  • Challenges in delivering RNAi and antisense drugs
  • Liposomal formulations and delivery of RNAi and antisense drugs
  • Custom manufacturing of RNAi and antisense drugs
  • Technology profiles of over 30 companies developing RNAi and antisense drugs (includes patent and pipeline information for each company)
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