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Rx-to-OTC Switch

Publication Date: September 2017

The Rx-to-OTC switch area is heating up and the market will continue to witness growth in the coming years. Rx-to-OTC switches are returning market share and revenues to innovators based on existing consumer brand loyalty. Additionally, switches are providing consumers with affordable treatment options. This has led the industry to explore growth opportunities such as Rx-to-OTC switches. Other factors in switch popularity are the FDA’s consideration of ways that can make the transition of drugs from prescription to over-the-counter (OTC) status safer and easier. Several new therapeutic areas are also being explored for switching by the pharmaceutical companies facing patent expirations for their prescription drugs, due to the recent switches approved by the FDA.

To address the growing interest and identification of new business opportunities in the Rx-to-OTC Switch market, Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has developed a report titled, “Rx-to-OTC Switch”, that analyzes the current trends, regulations, and market potential of the switch market.

The “Rx-to-OTC Switch” report provides detailed information on the following:

  • Overview and background of the Rx-to-OTC switch market
  • Analysis of market trends and growth potential
  • Triggers for an Rx-to-OTC switch
  • Overview of the process of switching
  • FDA rules and regulations for a successful switch
  • NSURE Initiative
  • Potential switch product categories
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