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Medical Foods and Modified Functional Foods

Publication Date: September 2017

TCI’s first edition report on Medical Foods and Modified Functional Foods provides an in-depth overview of both the medical and modified functional foods markets. Medical and modified functional foods are known as food products used to support nutrition at levels above normal consumption to induce beneficial physiological health effects through the use of bioactive compounds. Medical foods are used to support the dietary management of a disease aimed to minimize disease symptoms and reduce disease progression for a specific group of individuals. Functional foods, on the other hand, are used to enhance and promote healthy, natural bodily functions and to prevent the onset of disease for the overall general population.

Included in this report is an analysis of the current trends and market potential for both medical and modified functional foods. Over 40 profiles for novel technologies within the medical and modified functional foods markets are provided with information confirmed via company interviews. These profiles include full contact information for easy follow-up and business development opportunities.

Key information presented in the report includes:

  • Overview and background on medical and modified functional foods, history, and use
  • Analysis of effects of nutritional genomics on medical and modified functional foods
  • Benefits of functional ingredients on health
  • Overview of global regulations and claim labeling practices
  • Advantages of functional ingredient delivery technologies
  • Forecast of medical and modified functional food markets
  • Analysis of market trends
  • Outline of recent product developments, collaborations, and mergers
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