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Single-Substance Nutraceuticals: With Safety & Toxicity Data plus Licensing & Other Business Opportunities – 4th Edition

Publication Date: January 2003

Much current research is focused on traditional herbal extracts. Investigators are examining claims linking these extracts with health enhancement and prevention of chronic diseases. At least in part, this represents an effort to legitimize homeopathic remedies and Eastern medicine. Additionally, it seeks to provide patients and physicians with much-needed safety and efficacy data. The explosive demand growth for bioactive ingredients for nutraceuticals and functional foods is being driven by frequently cited health concerns:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Breast, skin, colorectal, and brain cancers
  • Female health concerns
  • CNS disorders
  • Metabolism management
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Immunomodulation

Single-Substance Nutraceuticals focuses on single, naturally-derived, active ingredients which can be used to promote health claims. A significant problem with the use of nutraceuticals in treating diseases is the lack of serious studies published with clear clinical evidence clinical evidence to prove safety and efficacy is presented in this report. Of the thousands of intriguing bioactive compounds with potential health-enhancing effects on human metabolism, twelve major groups of compounds have emerged.

Single-Substance Nutraceuticals has over 330 pages of analysis and opportunities. This industry study outlines and describes the most important aspects of current research and features descriptions of more than 80 emerging bioactive compounds and related technologies under development from companies, universities, and research organizations. The report contains the technical and market information needed for research and development, business development and licensing professionals to make timely product development and licensing decisions.

Single-Substance Nutraceuticals identifies new technological advancements of bioactive compounds in nutraceuticals with:

  • Clinical evidence to validate proof-of-concept and establish safety claims
  • Natural derivatives extracted from edible plant material
  • Actives showing biological activity to improve some functionality
  • Measurable performance benefit

Those who purchase this report will be able to identify:

  • New product or market opportunities
  • Partners for joint ventures or co-development opportunities
  • Suppliers of new ingredients or products
  • Sources for contract research
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