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Women’s Health: Trends, Breakthroughs, Market Analysis, and Business Opportunities in the Pharmacological Treatment of Non-malignant Conditions – 2nd Edition

Publication Date: October 2001

A new generation of drugs and therapies will soon revolutionize the way we treat women’s health conditions. These advances in pharmacology and drug delivery will soon create large new markets in areas of unmet need for conditions such as:


  • Breast diseases Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Contraception Premature labor
  • Endometriosis Genital Infection / STDs
  • Menopause Urinary incontinence
  • Osteoporosis Uterine Fibroids

Technology Catalysts International (TCI) has conducted a global analysis of advanced products and developments in the field of women’s health. In Women�s Health: Trends, Breakthroughs, Market Analysis, and Business Opportunities in the Pharmacological Treatment of Non-malignant Conditions, TCI has identified 162 drugs or products in 14 therapeutic categories in the research and development pipelines of dozens of companies. We have identified 32 products from 27 companies that are currently available for license or collaboration. These 32 products have been critically evaluated for their competitive advantages and disadvantages so informed decisions can be made as to their attractiveness to potential collaborators.

In addition to identifying trends and business opportunities, a unique feature of this report is an analysis of potential earnings of new drugs. Market forecasts are often presented with a dollar value or range, but the logic and assumptions behind these numbers are not revealed. This report analyzes the interactions of variables such as population dynamics, competition between current and future drugs, and patient and physician biases (from a clinical insider’s point of view). These forecasts also identify variables that cannot be ascertained from current information. This information should be extremely valuable to decision makers who want to see the future of their company within the “big picture” of these markets. The information contained in this report should allow individual companies to tailor earnings projections given their current market presence, sales force, R&D pipeline, and financial reserves for direct-to-consumer and physician advertising.

The first section of the report is categorized by condition or disease state. Within each section will be found:

  • Disease Description/Relevant Pharmacology
  • Pipeline Drugs: Name, Company, Stage of Development
  • Patient Demographics/Population Projections
  • Market Forecast

Compounds and technologies in development that are known to be available for license and/or collaboration are so indicated in the pipeline tables and the corresponding product profiles are located in the next section of this report (Business Opportunities).

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