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Food & Nutrition

From fortified beverages to dietary supplements, and functional foods to nutraceuticals, consumers demand innovative products that deliver clear health benefits. Where traditional products simply nourished the body, today’s products are expected to help lower cholesterol, prevent diseases, and aim to improve the overall well-being of the consumer. TCI actively scouts various technologies in this area including:

  • Nutraceuticals – ingredients with clinical data supporting efficacy in preventing cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer, CNS disorders, improved sports performance, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as activity in immunomodulation and alleviation of common female health concerns
  • Beverages – solubilization of actives such as calcium and other minerals
  • Weight management – actives and other methods for assisting in weight management and adjust the body’s metabolic rat
  • Medical Foods – specially formulated products intended for the dietary management of a disease with distinct nutritional needs