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Home Care & Cleaning

Today, with their busy lifestyles, consumers are always on the lookout for technologies and products with improved cleaning action thereby reducing effort and frequency of cleaning required. This category also includes the storage and preservation of food products in the home. TCI actively scouts technologies in some of the following areas:

  • Food preparation and storage – rinses for fresh fruits and vegetables; methods of increasing the shelf life of fresh produce; improved designs for storage of leftovers
  • Bathroom and shower – improved cleaning products; products for maintaining cleanliness of showers such as products that easily remove mold and mildew and prevent regrowth
  • Laundry – improved stain removal; novel delivery systems for detergents and fabric softeners; bleach alternatives
  • Surface cleaning – extended surface disinfection and novel, food-safe antimicrobial agents; prevention of dust formation; prevention of dirt build-up on windows
  • Odor management – enzyme technologies; chemical denaturation of odor molecules; enhanced fragrances with devices; additives for other cleaning products