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Personal Care

Personal care products cleanse, beautify, and care for the outside of the human body from head to toe. General areas of expertise include hair, skin, sun, and foot care; cosmetics and cosmeceuticals; personal hygiene; and oral care and hygiene. TCI actively scouts technologies related to personal care in some of the following areas:

  • Hair removal – improved shaving creams/gels, extended delivery of actives to skin following shaving/depilation, inhibition of hair regrowth
  • Antiperspirant/deodorant – improved active delivery, skin smoothing, and alternative actives
  • Hair care – alternative coloring agents and delivery systems
  • Skin care – improved topical and transdermal delivery systems for active skin care; novel skin actives for anti-aging, skin elasticity, and dermatological diseases
  • Sun care – broad spectrum UV absorbing agents and topical delivery systems compatible with sunscreen agents; prevention/repair of skin damage due to photo-aging
  • Oral care – non-peroxide ingredients for tooth whitening; removal and prevention of plaque formation; treatments for dry mouth