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Multi-Client Reports

RNAi and Antisense Therapeutics

Publication Date: November 2008

Technology Catalysts International has developed a report that analyzes current technology and market potential for the delivery of both RNA interference (RNAi) and antisense therapeutics. The RNAi & Antisense Therapeutics report provides a background on the biology of RNAi, an extensive review of the pipelines for siRNA and antisense technologies, information on delivery methods, and custom manufacturing for RNAi and antisense therapeutic molecules.

Active Skin Care: Innovations in Delivery Systems for Cosmetic and OTC Products

Publication Date: September 2004

Novel delivery systems enable the creation of next generation cosmetic and OTC skin care products. Bioavailability, site targeting, time of residence, release characteristics, and aesthetic properties can be optimized. These systems facilitate co-formulation of incompatible ingredients and stabilization of volatile or photosensitive agents. Delivery systems can increase shelf-life, extend product life cycles, and boost user compliance and loyalty.

Business Opportunities in the Russian Pharmaceutical Market

Publication Date: October 2003

As a result of the shift from the state-dominated political and economic system of the USSR to the market-based economy in the new Russian Federation, new business opportunities have opened for foreign manufacturers of generic drugs. The structural changes in Russia, including the privatization of industry, have led to widespread change in how the country's pharmaceutical industry conducts its business.

Single-Substance Nutraceuticals: With Safety & Toxicity Data plus Licensing & Other Business Opportunities – 4th Edition

Publication Date: January 2003

Much current research is focused on traditional herbal extracts. Investigators are examining claims linking these extracts with health enhancement and prevention of chronic diseases. At least in part, this represents an effort to legitimize homeopathic remedies and Eastern medicine. Additionally, it seeks to provide patients and physicians with much-needed safety and efficacy data.