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Multi-Client Reports

Optically Active Chemical Compounds – 11th Edition

Publication Date: February 2002

Chiral drugs continue to be a significant force in the global pharmaceutical market. Recent developments in the chiral-related industries indicate that a fundamental shift is occurring.

Women’s Health: Trends, Breakthroughs, Market Analysis, and Business Opportunities in the Pharmacological Treatment of Non-malignant Conditions – 2nd Edition

Publication Date: October 2001

A new generation of drugs and therapies will soon revolutionize the way we treat women's health conditions.

Market Entry Strategies for Pharmaceuticals in Central/Eastern Europe and Baltic States

Publication Date: October 2001

The pharmaceutical markets in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States have experienced dramatic growth since the breakup of the former Soviet Union. As these economies convert to market-based systems, numerous strategic alliance opportunities for foreign firms are being created.